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Author Lori Meckley

Author of The Morticians Artist Series and The Butterfly House Series

Beautifully Bare

Genre: Romantic Suspense


The Conclusion to "We Could be Lovers" and the next book in The Butterfly House series

In the first book The Butterfly House we are introduced Cameron Hayes, he is assistant to Millionaire Nolan Walker who was the main character. In the second book The Awakening Angela Mercy we meet Miles Drake who is a secondary character and friends with one of the main characters Angela Mercy, Miles life is in jeopardy when he helps Angela hide from her abusive husband. In We Could be Lovers Miles and Cameron meet during New Years Eve at the huge gala event of the season at the Butterfly House. As the clock strikes midnight and the pair awaken on the morning of the new year to the discovery of Cheyenne Taylor who just happens to be Mile's fiancee, Cameron is crushed as he runs off leaving Miles without a chance to explain. Later we find the three of them coming together and the start of a new relationship.

Once Cheyenne Taylor and Miles Drake say the words "I do" what will become of Cameron the other lover in the trio's relationship? Enter newcomer Harper Cahill who has Cheyenne on his radar and he's not going to let a wedding stop him.

As we return to the Butterfly House for the conclusion to the trio's story, there is even more excitement with the pending birth of a new baby for Nolan and Ava Walker. The Judge who was put behind bars for human trafficking has now escaped and all hell will break lose when one of the women from the house goes missing.

Take a walk on the dark side of Manhattan and Soho as the doors to the Butterfly house are opened for the chose few. Dare to enter the lives of those who venture into the coveted world of The Butterfly house.

 Cover release to be this month on Blog "Books to Curl Up With"

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Coming Halloween Day! Fragile Ghosts the next Book in The Mortician's Artist Series
Coming Halloween Day! Fragile Ghosts the next Book in The Mortician's Artist Series

Jason and Morgan Delaware have made a good life since the Bella Morte club was the scene of underground cult of necrophiliacs and his body thief serial killer ex-wife Mercedes disappeared without a trace.
Their daughter is now heading to Ireland to start her own life unknown to all that Mercedes has been watching and waiting for years for her taste of revenge.
Lots of secrets will be revealed when the Irish Garda begin to find themselves flooded with missing persons with little or no evidence left just dead ends. Then Jason and Morgan's daughter Piper suddenly disappears. Jason reaches out to his life long friend Nolan Walker from The Butterfly House, the millionaire glass blower sends help to the shores of Limerick Ireland to help hunt for Jason and Morgan's missing daughter.
Will the trail run cold like everyone else's who's gone missing or will they stumble on something more evil that they've ever encountered in their lives?

From the Magazine District in New Orleans, character cross over from New York city to the shores of Ireland the hunt for a body thief and killer continues...




Fragile Ghosts Pre-order for Halloween at $1.99 then back to full price


LINK : https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07692DV9J



The first two books in the series will be price dropped also:


Book 1 - Morgan's Diary $1.99


LINK: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00E32SCS8


Morgan Paris, Mortician's Artist for the dead has been having an affair with her new boss, Jason Delaware who is not only married but can't stop thinking about his sensual new employee. The affair between Morgan and Jason is not the only thing going on behind the closed doors of The Delaware funeral home, there is also rumors of an underground club called The Belle Morte, and dead bodies just seem to be disappearing all over the Warehouse district of New Orleans. Mercedes Delaware, Jason's wife also has a few gears to grind with Morgan as well as her husband. This book contains adult content and sexual situations. It is a dark read so readers please make note of this, the book may not be for everyone.

Book 2 - companion piece - Poe (will be Free 10/27/17 through 10/31/17) currently $.99


LINK: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00SUBKDBM

Piper Delaware and Poe were inseparable growing up but time was not on their side.

Life's cruel twist of fate would have Piper seeking to study abroad in Ireland and send her right into the path of a serial killer. Someone who watched and waited for a chance to have her all to themselves in the name of revenge.

Poe had once saved Morgan while she was pregnant with Piper, would the bond he shared with Piper be strong enough to keep her out of the path of a beautiful sociopath?







Limited time .99 cents - Box Set - Books 1-4 in The Butterfly House series




The Butterfly House Series on Amazon


My First Childrens book
My First Childrens book

Tomorrow my first childrens book comes out on Amazon kindle.

This is a children's book ages 3 and up.

Miles will stop at nothing to find his best friend a stuffed Elephant named Elliott when he turns up lost in New York City.

Cover Reveal for part 2 of 'The Butterfly House' Trilogy

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Set in New York City, Meckley's newest book proves that the lives of living in lower Manhattan, SoHo and Greewich Village are as fast-paced and unpredictable as the city itself. Fusing erotic sex with edge-of-the-seat drama and heaps of suspense, this second installment to 'The Butterfly House' will reveal all the secrets that have held readers spellbound since they first stepped inside those beautiful glass doors.

Sam Rayburn, new owner of The Butterfly House, a man who has no idea what's beyond the beautiful doors of The Butterfly House until the night he steps away from it. One night of passion and Sam has awakened to find his mystery lady has vanished. Sam's heart is torn as he haunted by the love he holds for her.

Angela Mercy, the mysterious woman who holds the key to unlock all the secrets. One night of passion has changed every moment of the chaotic life she's already running from.

Miles Drake, Angela's close friend and confident. Will Miles be able to hold her secret or will that secret put his own life at risk?

Juan Mercy, Angela's husband. A man on the run who is wanted by every law enforcement venue for baby trafficking. He will stop at nothing to get his hands on his missing wife.

Monica Lansing, Juan Mercy's mistress. Will her reckless actions keep her behind bars or will she offer up information to save herself by putting her life in jeopardy?

Ava Wild, She will put her own life on hold and risk everything to help her friend Angela.

Ellis Rathbone, retired Navy seal about to fall under the spell of the house as it offers up a few of it's secrets. Will his help be enough to uncover the mystery behind who Angela Mercy really is?

Will Sam find his mysterious lady and the love they shared in one night of passion?

Discover what secrets are about to be revealed in 'The Awakening of Angela Mercy' coming soon from Author Lori Meckley

Please note: This book contains adult content, violence and sexual content. This book is for mature readers only.

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My new release

This book just felt so amazing to write.