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Author Lori Meckley

Author of The Morticians Artist Series and The Butterfly House Series

Cover Reveal for part 2 of 'The Butterfly House' Trilogy

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Set in New York City, Meckley's newest book proves that the lives of living in lower Manhattan, SoHo and Greewich Village are as fast-paced and unpredictable as the city itself. Fusing erotic sex with edge-of-the-seat drama and heaps of suspense, this second installment to 'The Butterfly House' will reveal all the secrets that have held readers spellbound since they first stepped inside those beautiful glass doors.

Sam Rayburn, new owner of The Butterfly House, a man who has no idea what's beyond the beautiful doors of The Butterfly House until the night he steps away from it. One night of passion and Sam has awakened to find his mystery lady has vanished. Sam's heart is torn as he haunted by the love he holds for her.

Angela Mercy, the mysterious woman who holds the key to unlock all the secrets. One night of passion has changed every moment of the chaotic life she's already running from.

Miles Drake, Angela's close friend and confident. Will Miles be able to hold her secret or will that secret put his own life at risk?

Juan Mercy, Angela's husband. A man on the run who is wanted by every law enforcement venue for baby trafficking. He will stop at nothing to get his hands on his missing wife.

Monica Lansing, Juan Mercy's mistress. Will her reckless actions keep her behind bars or will she offer up information to save herself by putting her life in jeopardy?

Ava Wild, She will put her own life on hold and risk everything to help her friend Angela.

Ellis Rathbone, retired Navy seal about to fall under the spell of the house as it offers up a few of it's secrets. Will his help be enough to uncover the mystery behind who Angela Mercy really is?

Will Sam find his mysterious lady and the love they shared in one night of passion?

Discover what secrets are about to be revealed in 'The Awakening of Angela Mercy' coming soon from Author Lori Meckley

Please note: This book contains adult content, violence and sexual content. This book is for mature readers only.

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